How to get more email newsletter subscribers / grow your list with these SIMPLE signup strategies

How to get more signups and subscribers?

  • Develop more lead magnets!

    A lead magnet is something that you provide for free to your website visitors, in exchange for their email address.

    This could be a video series. It could be a free consultation. It could be a short ebook. It could be a free checklist. Anything that helps your visitors get closer to the results that they want.

    And, very often, different visitors have different needs and interests. This is why it's so important to offer a variety of lead magnets, to appeal to different types of visitors and sales leads.

    Something like a checklist, or a short guide, appeals to your visitors who want a fast and easy solution.

    A free consultation, or a free one-on-one session, appeals to your visitors who want more of hands-on approach, who want to be felt like they're being taken care of.

    Some kind of an online workshop, or maybe a tutorial series appeals to the doers, who want in-depth information.

    Develop more useful valuable lead mangets. And they needs actually to deliver value and benefit for your visitor.

  • Put a signup form at the bottom of your website's home page.

    The structure of your website's homepage has to be carefully planned out and designed. This is not something that happens arbitrarily. Instead, it is very intentionally and intelligently designed.

    A vital component of your home page is that at the bottom of the page you include a sign up form.

  • track points from where you get subscribers, so you can see how effectively some of the singup points/lead magnets are good. You can tune that, and do A/B testing further on.

    Track the points from where new email subscribers are coming from.

  • calls to actions

    Include CTAs/calls to actions everywhere you can possible think of. Eevery blog post you write, every video that you publish, every podcast episode that you produce, must include at least once call to action for one of your lead magnets.

    Your lead magnet offers must be included on every page of your website, in one form or another. It could be a simple signup form at the bottom of your home page. It could be an offer for a free workshop. It could be a free PDF download. Whatever you come up with, you've got to include it on every single page of your website. Include it in the sidebar of your blog. Include it in the footer of your blog. Mention it in the middle of your blog posts.

    In your emails. In your email footer.

    In your social media profiles.

    Everywhere you can possibly think of.