3 easy ways to grow your email list

  1. ensure that you have enticing offer

  2. do giveaways

  3. use your socials to promote your email list

    Say that you've obviously got exclusive content or exclusive offers purely for your email subscribers.


Deliver giveaway/pdf/... from inbox, not from the downloadable link on thankyou page.

You must remember that nobody wants to read PDF or watch the video you are giving away. They are not joining your list for that. They join because they want result that you are promising. So, the goal of your list building is not giveaway (PDF or video), but to get people to engage with your name in the inbox. You want them to see your name, and see your email, prominently displayed, in their inbox. Meaning, you want people to see your name in the inbox, and confirm with a reply that they got your email and delivery.


  1. validate your contacts prior to adding them to your list. - mailbox detection - syntax check - dns validation - spell checks

  1. remove bounced emails

Bounced emails are emails that cannot be delivered to any box, either because the contacts inbox is full or the email address does not exist.

  1. implement an engagement tracking automation

This automation should track contact engagement. A contact open an email, or click on a link, and you can even find out if the contact is browsing your website or one of your funnels.

Apply a dynamic tag to the contacts, based on how long they have engaged. The tag 'engaged' goes to contacts that have engaged within 30 days. Then, I continue to send emails to them. I also add a tag called 'recent activity' to the contacts that have engaged in the past seven days. This is super helpful, because it tells me what contacts are more likely to read my emails, in case I have an offer to put in front of them. Once the contact has not engaged for 30 days, or more, I remove the 'engaged' tag and 'recent activity' tag, and add 'disengage' tag to the contacts. Then I send the re-engagement sequence to get them to engage again. As soon as they engage, they get the 'disengage' tag removed and I continue to email them. If the contact hasn't engaged for over 90 days, even after they receive their engagement emails, I remove the 'disengage' tag, and add the 'inactive' tag. Since they haven't engaged over 90 days, the chance of them engaging is very low.

So, I send one of the last emails called breakup email, and if they don't engage, I unsubsribe them from the list.


Email your list daily/weekly.

Some people build their list, and they never email them.