Nedžad Hrnjica

Višnjik 33, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Curriculum Vitae


1988 – 1992 - Electrotechnical school center “Jaroslav Cerni”, Sarajevo
1992 – 2007 - Electrotechnical Faculty, University in Sarajevo, Computer Science Division, Sarajevo
2007 – 2017 - Faculty of Information Technologies, Mostar


Sep 1997 – DTK Education Center, Wienna, Austria
2005 – Administration of MS Exchange 2000 server – training course
2006 – Windows 2003 track for MCSA – training course
2006 – Windows XP MCDST – training course
2006 – Installing Windows XP – certificate
Sep 2007 – Updating skills for MS Exchange 2003 server – training course
Oct 2007 – Hummingbird Document Management System – training course


Optimistic, enthusiastic, open-minded person.


Fields of expertise:

security focused software development
pentesting (internal, external, mobile applications/Android, reverse engineering, software security review, except phisical intrusion, and except social engineering)
modems, communications between computers
software development (full life-cycle)
internet connectivity
building computer portable software and GUI portable software
hardware failure detection, solving IRQ conflicts

Programming Languages:

perl5, C/C++, SQL, MS Visual Basic/Access, Borland Delphi, Pascal, Fortran, dBase, FoxPro, Z80 Assembly, 80x86 Assembly, Basic, DOS Batch file, software dependent macro programming, LISP, Prolog, FORTH

Operating systems:

MS DOS, Windows 3.xx, Windows 95/NT/2000/XP, Windows Server Series, OS/2, Linux


Hotels EHOS (Fall 1986)

The computer program that keep accurate records with list of hotels visitors, rooms reservations, and the tv saloon ad for this chain of hotels.

etsc “jaroslav cerni” (mart 1990)

organized computerized matriculation of students in this school,
programmed software for completely tracking and work on matriculation,
leading of team personal working on matriculation.

the software for napatex (mart 1991)

the complete software package for maintaining daily works for private company “napatex” (accounting, bookkeeping, …)
iterative prolog interpreter (relational date base)
program for very easy maintaining of a lot of datas, based on the elements of prolog language, with free text-search capability and free information storing in.

mss - message store system (summer 1995)

the simply software for storing messages to another persons at the same computer. mainly used for home computers, for inter-changing messages between family members, but can be used in a lot of other purposes.

radio-broadcast “the computers age” - rtv bih (spring 1996)

radio-broadcasting dedicated to teenagers. purpose - the basic education and education in area of computer technology.

marinet - information system (dec 1996)

marketing informations network
the software for on-line data searching, mainly dedicated to telephone operaters for providing accurate and fast informations on different market products.

courses of computer literacy (oct 1996 - mart 1997)

4 classes with 16 students (mainly medicine doctors).

zamir-sa (may 1996 - may 1997)

the whole software/hardware maintenance of electronic-mail system zamir-sa.
the ethernet lan were based on os/2, dos, and win’95 computers connected together over novell netware 3.11 server.

independent computer programmer/consultant (may 1997 – jul 1997)

futura group sarajevo (aug 1997)

programming database for magazine (business magazine, ekonomist) subscriptions.

ecmm – european community monitoring mission (sep 1997 – feb 1999)

working in it department, maintaining 150 computers in lan, and 50-100 computers in wan. the job coverage was complete customer support (helpdesk activities), network maintenance (novell), wan design - maintenance and support. additional references on this job available on request.

indepentent computer consultant (Feb 1999 – July 2002)

working on company development covering: complete preventive and corrective computer maintenance, electronic mail solutions starting from private electronic mail up to the building corporate mail servers, internet hosting – design and training.

EUPM – European Union Police Mission, Planning Team (July 2002 – Feb 2003)

member of Planning Team, working together with Chief of CIS in developing, deploying, establishing and supporting IT infrastructure for future EUPM.

Penguin doo (Feb 2003 – Feb 2005)

management of small business computer consulting company, expanding base of clients, establishing new services

EUPM – European Union Police Mission (Feb 2005 – Jan 2012)

System/Network administrator, support to Deputy Head of Mission team, support to Police Head of Mission team

NESECO doo, Sarajevo (Jan 2012 - Aug 2017)

Splunk-based Network Monitoring System / architect and backend sudeveloper
Secure Software Developer
Pentester (internal, external, mobile apps/iOS/Android, reverse engineering, software security review)

Nedzad Hrnjica / independent (Aug 2017 - current)