how to build your email list with 0 audience

Focus on building contents that brings value to your audience. Content that they do not know yet. You have to give them a reason of wanting to keep coming back to you. You have to create that connection.

Attract - laugh - convert.

In order to attract your audience, when you are not famous and nobody knows you, be shooting to all the social medias - YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts. Be able to create contents of 12 or 14 minutes, where you gotta structure everything this way: - this is strategy that I will apply if you are trying to ... - strategy 1 - strategy 2 - ... - strategy 10 - Do not give away in the video that you're ending, that the video is over. This will increase your watch time on YouTube. We will just drop it, and leave you, and they're not going to finish listening.

On YouTube do a long-term content. Then, take 30 seconds of each of them, like 10 clips of 30 seconds, and use that and recycle them on the Instagram Reels, and put them on TikTok. So, you never have to be creating short-term content. Because, Instagram only values recency. Meaning that they're only going to be showing to a new audience the videos that you do in the day that you're off, not yesterday. Unless you're promoting them. But, YouTube can show your videos like from five and ten years ago.

Focus on how to leverage your time, and how to build contents that actually help your audience.


  • source number 2

    Contact blogs, magazines, youtubers, ..., in your niche and in your market. This is very important, because this is going to build not only your branding. It is going to bring you backlinks to your site.

    It will bring you a lot of traffic.

    If you contact 10, 20, 30, of them each and every day, and you're scoring one to three of these every day, that's going to be up there permanently generating you traffic.

    Plan: Every day go and contact 3-5 blogs, 3-5 miniature article, ... Get just reach out. Reach out. Get publicity. Do as much free publicity as you can and there are many magazines that will do it.

    Work on this every day for 3 hours.

    They will publish it once, but it will stay there forever, proving you traffic day and night. Adding new links every day, it will start generating you compounding traffic.

1 hours - reddit 3 hours - contact blogs, magazines, youtubers

  • Remember, everyone that is getting to your website, you are gonna get their emails. Only get their emails. You will sell them later.

  • source number 3 - instagram reels

    Post three times a day. In that Instagram Reel get people to go back to your bio and visit the link in your bio.

    Create a different content with your product, every day.

  • source number 4 - YouTube shorts

    Post a 2-3 shorts every day ( you can use same content from Instagram Reels).

    Do not post it for 2-3 weeks, and give up. Post it 2-3 times EVERY DAY until you hit that jackpot. You may hit it right away, it may take you weeks, or it might take you months. But you have to be consistent! You need to make this as important as drinking a water and eating food! This is how important is content creation!

  • source number 5 - YouTube videos

    1-3 long form videos a week.

    Start making a videos that are related to that niche, but not about the product.

  • source number 6 - TikTok

    2-3 tiktoks a day. Tiktok is more about branding, and sparking interest. People will not directly visit your website, but they'll start learning about you and then eventually they're going to go back to your website and they're going to make a purchase.

    Then, find a couple of influencers on TikTok. Go with one to two influencers every week to create this content, and it will help you get exposure.

Free traffic methods to build your email list

In order to build an email list, you will need to drive traffic to your squeeze page.

There are free traffic methods you can use to do this.

  • Promote your squeeze page on your website

    You are already receiving traffic to your website, so it will cost you nothing to promote your email newsletter (your squeeze page) on your website.

    Do it on every post and page of your site.

    You can add an image of your incentive in webpage sidebar, which explains the benefits.

    Or, you can create a footer and put it there. So that, as your visitor scroll down each of your pages, they will see the benefits of your incentive.

    Use popups. But, be careful with this. You do not want the pop-up to appear every time that your visitor goes from one page to another. Always provide an option for the visitor to close the pop-up, and never force them to opt into your list through pop-up. After a visitor has closed your popup, make sure that it does not appear again while your visitor is navigating through your site.

  • SEO optimize all of your pages

    You are unlinkely to rank a squeeze page in the search engine results, as Google and the others will not consider that it is of a high enough quality in terms of textual content.

    So, the best thing is to drive more traffic to your website overall by using search engine optimization (SEO). It is essential that you identify the search terms that people are using in your niche, and optimize your website and your individual pages for these.

    Keyword research will uncover these terms, and you can use the keywords that you identify for optimization.

    Try to find long tail keywords for your website. These are keywords that are not too competitive, but have a decent amount of search volume. You can sometimes rank your web pages for these terms without the need for any external links.

  • Backlinks

  • Instagram Bio

    With Instagram, you can add a link in your bio to your squeeze page. Write a good bio that explains the benefits of your incentive, and why Instagram users should go to your squeeze page and sign up.

    You will need to build a good following on Instagram, and make regular posts that are related to your niche. This is not a quick free traffic solution, but if you are consistent with your efforts, then you should get quite a few subscribers from this tactic.

  • Twitter Pinned Tweet

    With Twitter you can create a tweet about your squeeze page, and pin this to the top of your feed.

    Be sure to add enticing call to action in the tweet to persuade twitter users to check out your squeeze page, and become a subscriber.

    When people visit your profile page on Twitter, which a lot will, they will see your PINNED tweed about your squeeze page right at the top. You will need to increase the number of followers that you have on Twitter for this to be really effective.

  • Facebook page CTA

    If you don't have a Facebook page for your business, then create one today.

    It is easy and free to do this.

    Add a striking cover to your page and create a button on the page for users to go to your squeeze page and sign up.

    Facebook provides a signup button that you can use.

    Add valuable content to your Facebook page on a regular basis.

    As with all social media strategies, this tactic will work better the more followers that you have.

  • Pinterest CTA

    Pinterest is an excellent platform for driving free traffic to your squeeze page.

    You can create pins, and then add CTA, which will take users to your squeeze page.

    Creating pins is not that difficult, and you can use a free service like to create them easily.

    It is worth making the effort with Pinterest, as it receives over a billion visitors every month, and this number is growing.

    There are many pinterest boards, and you should find some that you can contribute pins to that are related to your niche.

    Again, you will need to build up a following on Pinterest to get best from this tactic.

  • YouTube Channel

    YouTube is the second biggest website in the world. More than 40 billion visitors use it every month.

    It is not as difficult to create videos, as you may think. There are a plenty of good tools and services online to help you create awesome videos.

    With each video that you upload, add a link to your squeeze page in the description box. Also, add a link to this in your YouTube channel page. Do some keyword research, and optimize all of your videos correctly for the keyword terms you identify.

  • Host a Giveaway

    In some niches, there are regular giveaway events where businesses and individuals provide something of high quality for free in return for an email sign up.

    If these givaways do not exist in your niche, then you can host a giveaway on your website. To get the best results from givaways you need to provide something that your audience really wants. It also needs to provie value and be of the highest quality.

    You can use your social accounts to drive traffic to your giveaway. Promote it on your website.

Getting Traffic

Organic Methods


Start interacting with subreddits in your niche.

Create account and start posting on subreddits. Create a community Start interacting with subreddits in your niche.

Create account and start posting on subreddits. Create a community Start interacting with subreddits in your niche.

Create account and start posting on subreddits. Create a community. Start building friends on subreddits. You will start making connections. People will start liking you. And then you can start linking back to your store.

This method will take time.

Spend about one to two hours a day. Go on reddit, make friends, start posting, especially if you are a new brand.

Start making friends in your niche, and start pointing them back to your website. Then collect their emails and sell them later.

Sign up to quora. Find questions in tour niche. Answer them, and leave the link to your lead magnet page.

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